Welcome to my site – “Holidaysagain”

I hope that my journeys will cross path with your dreams. Assist you in planning to make your own memories.  Life is too short not to explore the unknown like our forefathers before us.

My occupation has enabled me to work for time off as opposed to penalty rates which converts to extra weeks of annual leave.  These time availabilities have been well utilised and have enabled journeys, family holidays and memories.   Experiences that some people work all their lives to commence and some plan but sadly never achieve.

I am inspired by history with no expertise.  All forms of geological creations, prehistoric wanderings, architectural building, native occupation by our Aboriginals to those of early European settlement.  How this ancient continent we call Australia was formed over the past 4.5 billion years and the privilege of being able to visit the landscapes trapped in time.

Driving across Australia from the east to west or north to south and all the varying navigations in between are addictive in their nature.  Once you have the red sand between your toes you don’t want it to end and long for its return.  

The planning for the next trip is always taking place.  A moment of thought and a commitment to make it happen.

This web page is my journey.  My moment in time.  The opinions that I express are mine.  They make me whom I am and are never intended to be offensive, insulting or devaluing to anyone else.   So please look through and read my posts, blogs and scroll through the photos.

I hope you enjoy reading this website as much as I have enjoyed travelling and writing of the locations I have visited.

Should you wish to know more about something you’ve read or seen you are welcome to contact me via email.


Victoria, Australia