Winter Escape 2017 Blog

 Home to Swan Hill

Day 1 – Well it was decided nothing was going to be to rushed this morning as we only had to drive to Swan Hill for the first night. After saying good bye to Emily and Sam as they headed off to school, it was time to finish the little things around the house so our friend Tracey had nothing to do except house and dog sit for us (thanks Tracey).

11.30 am and time to drive. The first hour saw us on the other side of the city with hardly a traffic issue and from then on it was very relaxed. We took the scenic route thanks to Google maps via Clunes and every other outback town but still, we made it to Swan Hill. With the forecast temperature dropping to 0 degrees for the night we decided a powered site with our heater was a good first night option. Staying at the Big 4 Riverside and it would have to be close to five stars.

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