Day 32 – Lake Argyle to Kunnunurra

Day 32 – Lake Argyle to Kunnunurra
Kununurra, Australia

Kununurra, Australia

Awake at stupid o’clock again or to be precise 5.20 a.m., with the sun shining. It is dark by 5.30 pm and sunny at 5.30 a.m, over here in the west. We eventually got up at 7 a.m., having dosed on and off and set about packing up camp. We really took our time as we had nothing booked, didn’t know where we would camp for the night or what the day entailed.

On hooking up the camper it was time to drive over to the dam wall that has made Lake Argyle what it is today. We drove over the wall and over to a viewing area where they create hydro electricity from the water pressure. It was very impressive to watch the water flowing out of one of the pipes and the pressure it created. There was a really cool pelican who would fly up to the water pipe and the float down the rapids only to do it again and again.

We drove into Kunnunurra where we filled the fuel tanks and went to the shops to get some fresh groceries. There is nothing within the town proper to have a good look at so we drove out to the Sandalwood factory before heading over to the Ivanhoe Crossing. Apparently there has been problems with people breaking the gate that prevents vehicles traversing across the river so the council have dropped a big rock in the middle of the road.

As the day was starting to get on we decided that it was time to find somewhere to camp the night. We scanned the maps and found a boat ramp on the Ord River that looks like it may have camping so we headed out of town for the location. It turned out we weren’t to be alone this night as there were others camped here also along with the 100 head of cattle up on the roadway and the 100 Kangaroos coming down to the river for a drink before dark.

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