Day 30 & 31 – Zebra Mine to Lake Argyle Resort

Day 30 & 31 – Zebra Mine to Lake Argyle Resort
Lake Argyle, Australia

Lake Argyle, Australia

Talk about a lazy morning – this was it. We were up at our usual time but had to kill time hanging around. Our drive today is bigger than the day before with 66 kilometers needing to be travelled to our next camp. The only issue is that 7.00 am here is 5.30 am where we are heading. The time zone changes at the Western Australian border and we certainly don’t want to arrive at camp by 7 am when the other campers are only waking. What to do? I know, lets go drink so free coffee and have a scone with jam and cream. So off we went. As I was sitting there I heard an elderly man in a bit of distress. His battery was as flat as a tack and he was asking for help. With total astonishment I listened as other blokes were saying, oh I’ve got the caravan hooked on and oh my thumper pack is at home. Pathetic! I approached the gent and offered to jump start his vehicle so he could continue on his journey which was accepted with incredible enthusiasm. Having successfully wasted some time we were ready to hit the road. We drove to the WA border quarantine check point where the vehicle was inspected for fruit and vegetables. We crossed into WA at 9.20 am and drove down to the Lake Argyle resort. We had camp set by 10.00 am and ready for a day of relaxing, pottering and getting some laundry done. We went and watched a movie at the outdoor cinema which was the movie, “We the Kings of Grass” being a movie based on the book by Dame Mary Durack about her families move to Australia and their pioneering success. After the movie finished we returned to camp and listened as it sounded like it was playing again only to find out the next morning it was part 2. ARGHHHHHH. The following morning we were awake at 5 am (body clocks) watching an awesome sunrise over the mountains. We lazed around until after brekky when we went for a hike over the mountain range to the Durack Homestead Museum. I stood and read all the articles and stared at the pictures capturing the history of time and got talking to a lovely lady who told me her great grandfather and grandfather had the Dalhousie Homestead in the 1800’s. We talked about how the early explorers would have stopped there on their way to tracking out the telegraph line up through Chambers Pillar to the top end. We returned back to camp, had some lunch and went to the infinity pool for the afternoon. Another successfully relaxing day.

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