Day 29 – Keep River NP to Zebra Rock Mine

Day 29 – Keep River NP to Zebra Rock Mine
Baines, Australia

Baines, Australia

Big drive day today. We have 32 kilometers to drive back to the highway, 11 kilometers of road before 10 kilometers to camp. 53 km for the day as we are going to camp at the Zebra Rock Mine. This is a mine site the sits of the edge of Lake Argyle that offers camping and tours of the lake. On arrival we checked in, paid our money for camping, then $90 for the sunset cruise with all the beer you can drink and nibble food provided in addition to the $28 for Fish n Chips dinner which was to be ready 8 pm on return from the cruise. But wait there’s more – fresh cooked scones with jam and cream at $3 each plus all the tea and coffee complimentary. So for the record, “the scones were bloody awesome”. A real unwind and lazy day was had as we waited until 4 pm for the bus trip out to the river cruise location. This is a first in best dressed cruise as there are only 20 seats per day so you must get in early. The cruise itself was worth every cent with Max the boat driver pointing out all the different bird species that live around the lake in addition to driving up and down the little rivers. It wasn’t hard to spot a fresh water croc as their population at present is between 30 – 40,000. I decided that the cruise was worthy of taking the SLR camera on instead of just the iPhone in case there was a good shot to capture. I took so many photos and some that I’m really happy with. We returned to camp at 8 pm where we had our Fish n Chips which was disgusting. The fish was Cat Fish which is a bit of a popular feed up here but to us, was like white pulp, lacking in taste and texture. Note to self – no fish up here again unless it is Barramundi. A few facts about the region. Lake Argyle has 73 islands, holds 21 times the volume of water compared to in Sydney Harbour and is man made due to building a dam wall on the Ord River. Very impressive bit of Australian History in these parts. In addition to this is the family history of the Durack’s being an Irish pioneering family that have done so much for this region since the late 1800’s to present.

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