Day 27 & 28 – Limestone Gorge to Keep River N.Park

Day 27 & 28 – Limestone Gorge to Keep River N.Park
Timber Creek, Australia

Timber Creek, Australia

A great night sleep in the camp ground. It was quiet and warm and we had left all the canvas open for the night. To wake to a sunrise over a limestone mountain was perfect. We had some brekky and hit the road back to Timber Creek. We decided that this was the best location and last location for the next five days to get up to date on publishing the blog and making phone calls. We continued our drive west toward the border and stopped in at one of my favorite National Parks in Australia – Keep River. This a small park with two campgrounds but so much to see and experience. We got ourselves a nice shady spot that I could put the solar panels out in the sun and set about relaxing for the afternoon. It is hot still and not much of a breeze at all. We had some drinks before dinner with fellow travelers. Next morning we went for our first hike of the day which was the Jarnem Loop 7.3 km walk through ancient lands. We took our time stopping and gazing from the lookout across the lands to the next mountain ranges. By the time we got back it is fair to say we were exhausted, hot and needing some shade. We relaxed until about 2.30 pm when it was time for hike number 2 – Jinumum. I remember this walk from 3 years ago when one of my best mates, Pav and I went exploring this area. I took Kathy off the beaten track and along a mountain wall to show her the true Aboriginal art depicted in these parts. The gallery was as preserved as it has been for thousands of years. After walking for another 4 kilometers up and down rocks and hills our feet were sore and we so needed a cold drink and shower. We drove back to camp and did just that before unwinding for the evening. We dined on camp Souvlaki tonight.

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