Day 26 – Delamere to Limestone Gorge

Day 26 – Delamere to Limestone Gorge
Gregory, Australia

Gregory, Australia

The free roadside camp last night served us well and we woke to an awesome view across the Savannah. No rushing today as we had no clue where we planned to stop. We drove to Victoria River Roadhouse and had a look around. I picked up a free Gregory National Park map and saw a place called Limestone Gorge. I thought that’ll do us. It’s only 60 km off the highway and just before Timber Creek. The scenery here changes to mountains and rocky outcrops with scattered Boab trees. Very picturesque. As it was only 11.30am when we drove into Timber Creek we decided to have lunch here and then head into the Gorge. I checked out the Hotel which was also the service station and decided their fried Dim Sims looked eatable. I dined on 3 of these lucky bags and sampled a homemade meat and veg pastie whilst Kathy had a Spinach and Ricotta pastry. Bloody scrumptious they were but I don’t know whether that’s because we’ve been having healthy lunches for the past 3 weeks or not. After lunch we headed back up the road 10km before venturing down into the National Park. The gravel road down was good with a couple of creek crossings before we turned toward the gorge. The sign said no caravans so as the Tvan is a camper trailer off we went. The first 5 kms were easy going and we came to a sign advising high clearance 4wd and low range. Having done no research and not knowing what to expect we ventured on. The next 3 kms was low range up a very rocky river bed with large rocks and twists and bends. Yep we said – no caravans for sure. It was slow but good fun. We got into the campground and only one other car and trailer were here for the night. As it was only 1.30 pm I decided I would pull the trailer jockey wheel apart as I had a collapsed bearing in it and had bought a replacement in Darwin. 30 mins later all fixed, done and serviced. We spent the afternoon walking along a billabong and river trying to spot crocs and watching the birds. A very nice spot to camp.

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