Day 21 – Gunlom Falls Kakadu

Day 21 – Gunlom Falls Kakadu
Kakadu, Australia

Kakadu, Australia

What a magnificent morning. The temperature is 22 degrees and the sun is shining. Its going to be a hot day and we don’t have far to travel. We set off for Gunlom Falls camp ground still in Kakadu but on the way stopped in at Maguk Falls for a look. We hiked in the one kilometer and on reaching the billabong and falls we were all wishing that we wore our bathers. Beautiful and inviting. The water was so clear, fresh and the waterfall was spectacular. Definitely made a mistake here by not bringing the togs and to many people to nude up. Never mined it is etched into my memory bank for a swim next time. We returned to the car and as we neared I was stopped by a woman walking the path. “I know you” she said. I looked at her puzzled and the she said, “Robe”. It was a lovely family that we camped near in Robe whom Sam made friends with their son Jackson. 18 months later and a long way from the SE coast of South Australia. After a brief chat it was time to drive another hour to camp. The road into Gunlom was corrugated, dusty and unforgiving for one family whom rolled their vehicle and camper trailer just prior to us. Our assistance wasn’t needed so we continued to the camp ground. We picked a nice spot and commenced setting camp. Just as we finished we were greeted by Dick and Sally (best friends of Chris, Donna and Johanna – Kathy’s family). They were spending the night also camped in Gunlom. In the afternoon we hiked to the top of the waterfall for a swim and to take in the views across the Savannah. What an awesome place to swim and unwind. Dinner was hamburgers in fresh rolls we bought in Jabiru with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, egg (with runny yolk) and capsicum.

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