Days 18 to 20 – Kakadu National Park (Jabiru)

Days 18 to 20 – Kakadu National Park (Jabiru)
Jabiru, Australia

Jabiru, Australia

Pack up morning as we prepare to drive over to Jabiru in Kakadu National Park. Everything was very relaxed as we went through the motions getting on the road by 9.30 am. We decided to drive out of Litchfield via the back road which took us through the town of Berry Springs and of course a swim in the natural hot springs had to be encountered. These were huge with three levels of pools in pristine clear waters. We spent the best part of an hour soaking and watching Sam swinging into the river from a rope tied in the tree. Kathy had a chance meeting with a Wodonga local from back home named Trevor Pearce who was traveling around Australia. Lunch was in the car park before it was time to drive again. We refueled in Humpty Doo and topped up the green groceries before the long drive into Jabiru. The drive in was relatively easy going as we searched for Crocodiles in the rivers below as we crossed the bridges. We arrived at the Kakadu Lodge Caravan Park at about 3.30 pm where the kids quickly got changed and headed to pool for a swim whilst Kathy and I set camp. A cool refreshing swim after this was definitely in order. It is hot with no complainants. Happy Territory Day! The next morning I set about swapping the auxiliary battery from the car with the one from the trailer to give it a big refresh on the charger. The heat in Florence Falls with short drives really took its toll. This saw us off at 10.30 where we drove to Cahills Crossing to watch the tide come in and the salt water Crocs come up to the crossing for a feed of fish. We were so lucky as one of the crocs decided to climb out of the water in front of everyone and walk across the crossing to the other side. They are so majestic yet you have to be so aware of their cunning nature. We then drove up the road to Ubirr (5mins) to walk through the rock art sites and climb to the top of the Plataue over looking the wetland out the next mountain range. You really are at the top of Australia and the world sitting up here looking out. I find it very tranquil and spiritual in a way that is hard to describe. Again the weAther has been good with us today being overcast and keeping the burning sun at bay as we climbed. Still it was very hot and time to return to camp for a much needed swim in the pool. We had a late lunch and feed as we had to head off into town to Jabiru to watch the Territory Day fireworks. It works likes this. You can buy fireworks on the day, as many as you like and let them off until midnight. No rules or regulations. We headed over to the town lake and watched the shire fireworks and then the families lighting them and setting off their own. This was great and I was thinking how lucky the kids are to experience this. We started to walk back to camp but the track we took was on fire so we needed to walk the road way back. We passed a house with all the neighbors and friends who were letting off crackers, bangers and some best described as explosives like I have never seen. It was ace! The kids could not believe their eyes as time and time again one would go amiss and ignite the reservation and trees opposite the houses. In true NT style the fire brigade casually turn up, extinguish the flames and drive to the next park fire knowing that the same bit of bush can’t burn twice. We could not have asked for more of a show than we got here. We walked on back to camp after 45 minutes of entertainment and later laid in bed listening to explosion after explosion. The last morning here was meant to see us doing a day trip out to Jim Jim Falls,Twin Falls and some other local spots but we were advised that there is no water coming over the top. A tough decision was needed as a long bumpy dusty drive to look at a rock wall that normally offers great views or back to Cahills Crossing for some croc watching with an afternoon of swimming in the pool. Crocs and pool won. So it was to be for a relaxing afternoon.

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