Days 15 to 17 – Litchfield National Park

Days 15 to 17 – Litchfield National Park
Litchfield Park, Australia

Litchfield Park, Australia

This morning was a quick and easy pack as we headed off for a 150 km drive day to Litchfield National Park. Our aim was to arrive about 10.30 am so we could secure a camp site at Florence Falls for the next three nights. First in best dressed here in a magnificent bush environment. We arrived at 10.29 am and bingo – three to choose from. We set camp and headed down to Florence Falls for a swim. This is one of my favourite locations in Australia to swim with waterfalls. After a couple of hours we were starving so we walked up the 135 stairs to camp which upon reaching the top, the bum muscles are screaming and you are so hot you want to turn around and go back for a swim. After lunch another swim was the order of the day so down we went to the falls for an afternoon of swimming and playing. Dinner for the night was pasta with a fresh made bolagnaise sauce from scratch with fresh veggies. Our second day in Litchfield was a sight seeing day with the magnetic termite mounds being our first port of call. All these mounds face north and are made from a variety of termite not found anywhere else in the world. We then headed to the Lost City for a walk and hike before heading to Wangi Falls for some lunch and ice creams. After this we headed to Blyth Homestead which is part of an old silver mine at Mt Tolmer. As the day was getting on it was time to return to camp for the daily trek down to the falls for a refreshing swim and play with the GoPro. I will have to wait until we get home to assess the footage and upload any video to the blog. On climbing the stairs back to camp I walked past a family heading down which had pulled into the camp next to us and I couldn’t help but to stare. I saw a face that I knew but I didn’t. Hmmm. Our third day we were greeted by our neighbour next door coming over to have a look at the Nissan and Tvan setup. Again that face? It turns out that Scott (as he is named) is from the Police Academy and is one of our training instructors. He was holidaying with his wife Bec, their children and her parents. Small country yet again. Day three was spent with the first few hours at Buley Rock holes where we all had fun bombing from the rocks into the plunge pools.

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