Day 11 – Devils Marbles to Daly Waters

Day 11 – Devils Marbles to Daly Waters
Daly Waters, Australia

Daly Waters, Australia

The last big day of driving to be had with another 500 kilometres to roll through today and then we are in the hot weather with very short days ahead. The first 100 kilometres saw us arrive in Tennant Creek for fuel and morning tea. The scenery here is rolling hills with scattered trees and very little to stop and explore in between. The drive is long and the kids really are awesome travellers despite have the rightful fight between them. No winners except dad. So we arrived at Daly Waters and the outside temperature was 32 degrees and full sun. We arrived at the pub for camp and it was already full. The camp ground was chockers and even though we wanted an unpowered sight we still ended up in overflow out the back. We booked in for the pub dinner with the kids choosing Fish and Chips, Kathy having the steak and I went for the Baramundi. We started drinking a a beer called Great Northern Brewing Co. and I must say I am a bit of a convert for this drink. Went for our first swim today for the holiday and the water in the pool was just like their beers – icy cold but then it had to be done. As usual the food at the pub was first class, the salad as much as you can eat with live entertainment and icy cold beers. Life is great! The kids had a ball dancing and Sam was mesmerised with the guitarist performing.

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