Day 9 – Ayers Rock to Rainbow Valley

Day 9 – Ayers Rock to Rainbow Valley
Hugh, Australia

Hugh, Australia

We are all in camping holiday mode now with the wake up at staggered times. Emily is definitely growing up as she is the last one up of a morning and prefers to bury her head and sleep. So it was a big pack up as we did the full set up for the four day stay. It took a fair bit but we were still on the road and saying good bye to Ayres Rock (until next time) by 9.30 am. Quick stop at the Local IGA to get some fresh milk, bread and bananas that were later devoured in sandwiches with sugar sprinkled. So today was an easy drive day being out from the Rock to the Stuart Highway which was our lunch stop and the north bound to Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve which was to be our stop for the night. I have wanted to visit Rainbow Valley for more than 10 years having seen photos in magazines and reading articles. The camp sites were well laid out with fire pits, shelters and benches to sit at. The pit toilet provided was clean and even had paper provided. We set camp and went for a walk just before sunset and all I can say is WOW! The view of the mountains with the setting sun doing magic to the minerals stored within the rock was truly amazing. We took so many photos to capture the moment in time. A simple dinner tonight with camp fire veggies in the oven with huge rump steaks all cooked over the fire.

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