Day 5 to 8 – Ayres Rock Resort

Day 5 to 8 – Ayres Rock Resort
Yulara, Australia

Yulara, Australia

Day 5 We are up and super super super excited about going to Ayres Rock today. We spent the night 150 kilometers out so today’s drive is going to be short and easy. Sam couldn’t help enough this morning just wanting to hit the road. We travelled a short distance before the less famous Mt Connor came into sight. I had three lots of oohs and ahhs going in the car whilst the whole time chuckling to myself. The disappointment on realizing that it was not Ayres Rock was incredible. Then when we did come around the bend and see the Rock off in the distance the debate started about whether it was in fact the rock or not. Of course it was. We checked into the resort and got ourselves a powered site paying for 3 nights for a 4 night stay option. We climbed the sand dune at the back of our camp and spied the rock. We decided that we will hold off visiting until tomorrow as we want to make the most out of the 3 day park pass that needs to be purchased ($25 per adult). We took some photos, the kids had a swim in the icy cold pool and had dinner. Tonight was satay chicken and camp salsa (cucumber, onion, tomato, red and green capsicum) in pita bread wraps. Delicious. Day 6 After breakfast and some washing we headed into the National Park and made it to Ayres Rock in time for the Marla walk. This being my third visit to the rock and having previously climbed it twice I looked in awe at the size of it. I knew it was huge but this time was different. A very special place to visit and we joined the Marla Walk tour from the local rangers which the kids found very informative. Seeing the joy, looks of astonishment and anticipation on the face of Kathy, Emily and Sam was very satisfying. All three were touched by the experience. After the walk we took our own time exploring around the base of the rock before visiting the Cultural Centre to watch some documentaries and read about the Indigenous story time. We went back to camp for a couple of hours before returning to the sunset viewing area for some photo shoots. We got back to camp after dark and it was cold. Scrambled eggs and bacon on toast was the menu tonight as it was so late. Day 7 OMG – it’s 5.45 am and I am awake so we can to drive over to the rock for the morning sunrise. The number of people attending to pay homage and worship the rising sun over Ayres Rock is impressive. I love people watching and this was a very rewarding time whilst waiting for it to rise. We took the obligatory photos before having hot chocolate and coffees in the car park whilst everyone tried to leave at the same time. We returned to camp for breakfast and packed the car to head out to The Olgas (Kata Juta) for lunch and hiking. It was 20 degrees and sunny so perfect conditions for the 7.4 km Vally of the Winds. The distance is not an issue but throw in the rocks, uneven surfaces, ascents, descents and it is far to say we burnt some (needed) calories. Damn it got hot and our feet ached by the end of it but it was so worth it. After refreshing we headed around to the Walpa Gorge walk. Kathy and Emily decided to sit this one out so Sam and I headed off. Another 1.5 km trek across the terrain and I declare that my feet hurt, my legs ache but it was worth it. Father and son hiking, chatting and laughing is a special moment locked in memory – oh and the gorge was awesome. Back to camp by 5 pm and it was a long day out. So I sit in the car tonight typing today’s events, drinking a hot coffee and listening to Richmond v West Coast Eagles on the HF Radio.

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