Day 3 – Flinders Ranges to Coober Pedy

Day 3 – Flinders Ranges to Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy, Australia

It’s stopped raining but the clouds are threatening. We took our time before heading off at 9 am taking a 130 km detour from our planned route. We had to drive down through Quorn, around to Port Augusta before heading up the guts of the Stuart Highway. It’s not as scenic but it is what it is with outback roads. We topped the fuel tank up again in Port Augusta despite not needing heaps and headed due north. At lunch we stopped at Woomera missile base where Emily and Sam had a big look around in amazement. As Kathy and I had travelled this way only 12 months earlier it was good to share the experience. We decided that we would drive on to Coober Pedy as it was going to rain and we would be better off north of our location which will set us up to be at Uluru one day earlier. The good side is that means another day up our sleeve around the top end. We camped at Riba’s Caravan Park which for a few extra bucks we got a full tour of a Opal mine which gave us all a much better appreciation of the work and gamble taken by those seeking their riches. This was the third mild night where no extra heating requirements were required which is a plus.

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