Day 1 – Cullulleraine (on the Murray)

Day 1 – Cullulleraine (on the Murray)
Mildura, Australia

Mildura, Australia

Well four excited people got on the road by 6.30 pm heading north. The morning was certainly
fresh but the roads were quiet, dry and trouble free. We drove through to Sea Lake where we stopped for lunch and needed to take the jumpers off as the sun was shining. You could feel the change as soon as we crossed the Great Dividing Range. We drove on to Mildura where the tanks were topped up and we headed towards Renmark. On reaching Lake Cullulleraine we turned right headed down to the Murray River and camped at Loch 12. A great spot all to ourselves with plenty of fire wood.

The Eco-billy was brought out along with the other camp fire cooking items and a no gas night was set. Dinner consisted of beef sausages and fried tomatoes on the hot plate with roast potatoes, pumpkin and onions in the camp oven. Dessert was banana sliced open with chocolate shavings inside, wrapped in foil and melted through in the camp oven.

The night was awesome with no wind, no rain and perfect conditions that was mild enough to wear a t-shirt until bedtime.

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