All packed and ready to roll

All packed and ready to roll
Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

A busy week has been lived with the vehicle serviced, prepared and packed for the next 7 weeks. Kate is moving in to look after Harvey and have a little holiday at the same time. The kids are out of school for the next two weeks which Sam’s teacher was very excited about. She even told me that she has given him 5 books to read and that they are learning timetables. We will have something extra to do in the car now. So this is it – the start of another adventure holiday and blog. Which way will we end up going? Oodnadatta has had roads closed with food drops into William Creek until a week ago. There is little rain forecast for when we are approaching there which could make things exciting. Emily thinks we should just go the way planned and deal with whatever comes, “its camping dad”. I think a check of BOM on Sunday night will answer the question – the black top or the Oodnadatta Track.

Take care everyone and we hope you enjoy our holiday.

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